NakaMaTa is a child-led advocacy group comprised of our girl partner children. It is an abbreviation for "Nagkahiusang Kabataan aron Katungod Matagamtaman" which locally means "United children for rights to be fulfilled." This is synonymous to their main aim of uniting to fight for their rights as girl children. Locally, the word NaKaMaTa also means "to awaken" which serves to symbolize how NaKaMaTa is an avenue to awaken other children in fighting for their rights. 



Prior to being organized as one NaKaMaTa, Tambayan worked with Adolescent Girls on the Streets usually belonging in gangs. The partner children expressed the need to unify as one despite their association in various gangs since they felt that despite their differences, they have almost the same issues which could be better fought if they have a unified organization which will enable them to be represented in various platforms. Various processes and challenges were faced along the way when organizing a unified group. On the summer of May 2005, they were able to hold their first general assembly comprising of an aliance of 8 gangs. Ever since, the organization has grown with its members representing various events both locally and internationally to push the agenda of child rights especially for Adolescent Girls on the Streets. Now, it's in its14th year as an organization.