What We Do

Tambayan develops comprehensive programs integrating core (psychosocial) and emerging issues anchored on UN Convention of the Rights of the Child principles and implements organizational strategies to enhance its expertise as a resource center. It follows a holistic approach towards its partnership with the children. 


Based on the framework, Tambayan not just works with the children but also the close systems around them mainly their families, peers, and community (barangay) to ensure a holistic approach in the fulfillment of child rights. We are community-based in our approach given that the child, families, peers, and other important stakeholders are all situated within the community.  On an external level, we strengthen networks in order to widen children’s access to needed services and further promote child rights advocacy in policy and for the general public. Tambayan’s partnership with the children, their support systems, and the network with the support of the general public provides avenues to mainstream and institutionalize children’s rights.

How we do it: 

1. Community-Based Support Program (Programs and Services) 

2. Public Advocacy and Network Building

3. Enhancing the expertise of Tambayan as a Resource Center

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